How Daily Prompts have Affected my Writing

For the last three days, I have been participating in the “Daily Prompt” – an exercise facilitated by The Daily Post blog. The goal of the writing prompt is to show writers that no matter how blank our minds may feel, there is always something in there, just under the surface, waiting for us to write about.

The words posted every day are meant to inspire those stories right under the surface, the stories not quite realized yet.

For the last three days the prompts have been the following (click on any of the links to read my writing):




Since I began my blog, I have been writing long, story-like posts, detailing my pain.

These prompts, however, have brought out the poetry side of my writing, a more concise and direct form of expression. The three posts I have written so far with the daily prompts have touched some of the deepest and ugliest of my memories and pain, causing my symptoms of C-PTSD to flare in all their glory.

But I have been meeting and connecting with other survivors too.

And writing is cathartic.

Who would have thought the darkest parts of my pain are the most resonating.

Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse is hard work; processing this level of betrayal and loss, all of the negative emotions and cognitions that come with it –  is not easy to articulate to someone who has not experienced it.

I take comfort in other survivors, in knowing I am not alone.

Seeing this shift in my writing, as I use these prompts, has caused me to reflect on how I am processing. I feel thankful despite the heightened mental health symptoms; for the first time since I began this journey of recovery nine months ago, I feel like I am facing hard emotions and ugly memories head-on, for real.

They will not have control over me, anymore.


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