The Woods

I must leave a trail,

an escape,

a way back to safety.

Just like

Hansel and Gretel,

I will leave a trail of crumbs.

Still, they were caught by the witch.

Their trail did not work.

Safety did not exist.

I know that witches are not real.

But monsters are.

In human form.

Upstanding in their communities,

family men,

with integrity.


Is it irony,

or a crazy stretch of my mind,

as I think about crumbs,

that I remember

this fairy tale

of Hansel and Gretel?

Or that it takes me back,

to the woods behind his house,

where he could steal me away

for a walk;

where monsters did exist,

and innocence was destroyed.

After dinner,

while the rest of the family gathered,


for us to return.

For me,

just like Hansel and Gretel,

there was no trail,

no crumbs

to lead me to safety.

In the woods,

I was at the mercy of the monster.

When I think of crumbs,

I don’t think of cookies

or cake.

None of the things that might bring

a smile.

Instead, I think of

the woods,

of the trail of crumbs that didn’t exist,

of the monster that was real.


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  1. The horror, and they let it go on day after day and year after year. You are the prize that overcame all the roadblocks you encountered. I am so proud of you for speaking up now to help yourself and others.

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