Motherless Daughter

What an unfair world it is,
that takes a mother from her child,
at birth.

Leaving a baby girl
without the love,
and protection,
of her mother’s touch.

No goodnight kisses,
no snuggles on the couch,
no cooking lessons,
or shoulders to cry on.

I’ll never hear her advice about boys,
or hair.

What was her favorite color,
her favorite song,
her favorite movie?

All the things that should have been –
vanished in the wind,
as she took her last breath.

Her memory alive
only in pictures,
and stories,
not experiences.

I have no memories of her touch,
her smell,
her voice.

I’ll never see her arms outstretched for me,
or hear the sound of her heartbeat
as I lay my head on her chest.

“I love you” will never
touch my ears
from her lips.

The hole that is left in the heart of a
motherless child,
cannot be filled.

It just is.

by: Shanon Page


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