Almost … but not quite.

I feel like we are about to miss what seems like the perfect opportunity to educate about sexual abuse/assault;

to learn about, create, and find ways to fund community resources;

to protect the safety of disclosure and the integrity of the victim;

to reflect on how we value the people in our society, women, and children especially;

I think we are almost there, but not quite.

Society isn’t ready to address systemic patriarchy or the fact that we have sexual predators disguised as upstanding citizens walking among us, so we have to find a categorical place to put this ugliness for people to reason it out.

How about we politicize it, they say, that will be a good idea.

Now the topic of sexual assault and abuse has been co-opted by partisan political leaders and their supporter bases; used as an opportunity to take shots at each other rather than to discuss solutions to this pandemic that reaches into all of our communities.

Why do abusers always get the benefit of the doubt but the victims do not?

People are tuning out again;

it’s becoming another media circus show, focused on ratings and click-bait headlines. This discussion is being called a distraction more and more by people who don’t understand;

and all the victims past and present lose again.


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