A Life with no Family

I have no family.

That is what I have told people

all my life.

I have believed those words,

as true as the sky is blue

and the grass is green.

No mother;

no father;

no grandparents.

Aunts and uncles on both sides,

but relationships are strained,


or have been overtaken by distance and time.

Then a phone call changed all that.

I do have family,

and they do care.

So, now I must reconcile

a lifetime of

intentional estrangement,

as a means of protection from people

who meant me no harm.

My experiences with family

so dark,

so dangerous,

that I couldn’t take the chance.

I intentionally cut them out,

missing out on memories;

losing years of connection;

never really knowing them;

until now.

With nothing but understanding

they have re-entered my life

and new connections will be made;

barriers will fall.

I will let them in,

I will let them love me,

and I will love them back.


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