My Inheritance

to inherit;
to receive;
whether wanted or not;
decided by the giver,
forced upon the receiver.
For many this brings:
special heirlooms and objects;
maybe even debt.
For me:
So much chaos to sort through and
make sense of.
That is my inheritance.
That is the legacy of my family;
where a predator roamed free
preying on the weak and
feeding off the innocence of a child.
That is what I was left with.
That is how I remember;
a childhood past;
a childhood lost;
a childhood mourned.
That is where my journey to heal will begin.


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One thought on “My Inheritance

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  1. It is so unfair that we are left trying to pick up the pieces. I will never be able to understand how they are always the ones protected and we are forced to prove our innocence.

    There is so much unjust about weaving our way through something such as this.

    I’m so sorry that this is what you are going through. I understand. <3

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