QoTD: Letting Go

Recently the ending of  a long term friendship and all of the emotions that go with it (second guessing, anger, betrayal, grief) has become a huge cause of issue for me. Iโ€™ve been struggling with anxiety, insomnia, intrusive thoughts, and a serious inability to stay focused and productive.


I know that I am in a better place today than I was a week ago, and with each passing day I feel the weight of everything lessen. I realize what I must do, what I am doing, and what I will  soon be able to say with certainty and with freedom …

I have let this go, I have let her go, and I have moved on. Without resentment, without grief – with only the lessons I need to learn, and new found strengths and beliefs in myself.

Until then however, I will muster through the ugly filtering of emotions.

Anyone else struggle with letting things or people go?


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