Farewell, My Child

An empty room,
still full of your things.
your essence still in the air.

index cards,
paint brushes and paints,
even some of your paintings.
and drawers full of who knows what.
Everything that is you.

You have been my whole life,
born when I was still a child myself.
Driftless and alone,
broken from years of abuse and abandonment;
you became my identity.
You were my reason to breath,
my motivation for greatness.
You saved me,
and I have told you that.

Where did the years go?
How did you become so grown?
Itโ€™s a blur,
I somehow lost track,
and now here we are.
You are grown and leaving,
and I am crying.

Itโ€™s always hardest being the one left behind.


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