and so I rock …

and rock …

and rock …

As the waves overcome me,





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      1. *hugs* I hope this feeling subsides. It can be overpowering sometimes. I used to have a rocking chair when I was a teenager. I sat in the chair at night and listened to the radio. This was long before the internet and long before I had any understanding of why this rage/sadness/fear would descend on me like a storm some nights. Rocking was a very soothing motion. The thing Kristin Neff said explained this. When we give ourselves warmth, soft touch and soothing vocalizations, as we would have received as babies and children or should have, it releases dopamine and oxytoxin and literally helps drain the bad chemicals from our bodies that the storm brings. Recently I tried this. One of the most difficult things for me to deal with is my son being missing. It will be three years on March 2nd. I often get these completely irrational messages that it is somehow my fault. This creates a huge amount of pain for me. So I tried this — rocking, hugging myself, soothing words (“it’s okay, it will be okay”) over and over. I burst out crying, but I kept going and it really helped me. When I went to CSA survivor meetings, we were given teddy bears to hold. This is similar. I need to myself a big, fluffy teddy bear. No one in my family likes to hug. I’m a hugger. Hugging myself looks so ludicrous, but who cares right? I’m alone, and it helps. I really does. I hope you don’t mind this long response. Feel free to delete it. It’s meant for you. ☼ *sending healing and hugs and lots of good vibes* ☼ ♥.

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