I Write to Heal

One thing I have always been good at is writing. Of the few memories I have from childhood, I remember clearly the few writing projects I did in school. I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

I am also a natural leader, though I am quite the introvert. Due to my trauma, I do not like to be center stage, however, I need to be in control of my surroundings in order to feel safe and at ease. Because of my trauma, I am empathetic and understanding to others and what could be laying beneath the surface. Turns out that’s a good recipe for successfully organizing people in the community and workplace.

So, when the walls of my mind came crashing down and the realities of my childhood came flooding back it was natural for me to gravitate immediately to social media and a blog as my medium for healing and connection in the age of technology.ย  It makes sense I have found purpose for my grief in sharing my story through writing so that others might find comfort in the understanding and companionship I can offer.

While on this crazy journey of healing I have shared my story in many different places, not just here on my blog.

I have shared on facebook, on instagram (@survivingchildhoodtrauma), on twitter (@survivtrauma), on The Mighty (@mrspage0507), and with a few different organizations and issue based campaigns – one of them being Emerging Proud.




Emerging Proud is a non profit organization focused on re-framing the conversation around mental health through sharing real stories of struggle, resilience, acceptance, and transformation. I shared my story of trauma and abuse and was very excited to be a part of their book project EMERGINGPROUD Through Trauma & Abuse (Pocketbooks of Hope). Having my story published in this collection is quite the accomplishment for me.




Now I am starting to think a little bit more loudly about publishing under my own name. So many of us come to this crossroads I believe, and we decide what we want to leave behind as a testament to the work we have put into breaking the cycle of our pasts. I have a story I want to share with those who would like to share it with me.

I think we all heal a little bit each time we connect with someone who truly understands what we are feeling; I know that I do.


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