The Little Fighter

She was so young, 
to have her innocence ripped from her like it was. 
She saw monsters in real life,
she was so brave. 

She was called a liar,  
a storyteller,  
and a burden, 
yet she found the resilience to 
speak her truth. 

She could not trust those who should protect her,
still, she was silently hopeful. 
Hopeful that life would eventually begin for her,
and she would be able to bloom into herself, 
and shine as she was meant to. 

I don’t remember much about that little girl; 
the memories of her life  
lost in the disconnections of my traumatized mind and body. 
But I know that she existed. 
I know that she is me,  
I know that we are healing – 
because I am here now. 

written by Shanon

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

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    1. I’ve never really thought of my inner child as a gift, I’ve never really thought much of her at all until recent years. I like the thought though and I will try to view her in this light more often. Right now, she and I feel like such complete strangers, but I know she is there and needs me.

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