My Top 5 Musicals

As I continue to journey through the prompts of this writing challenge I have started, today I find myself writing about five of my favorite movies. Movies that I can watch over and over again and never tire. 

Now, there are A LOT of movies stored in my brain, and narrowing down to just five favorites is literally impossible so it much be understood that the five I picked are the first five that came to mind today as favorites – tomorrow may be an entirely different list!  

For this first round of five favorites I found that there is a resounding theme so I went with it.

This writing prompt was fun. 

My top 5 Musicals:

Mary Poppins. Released in June 1965 and directed by Robert Stevenson. It boasts an amazing cast and tells the story of a magical nanny who comes to care for Jane and Michael Banks and how life changes as she helps the family reconnect. The new Mary Poppins is pretty darn amazing too. I love this movie as much now as I did as I kid.  

The Sound of Music. Released in April of 1965 and directed by Robert Wise this was probably one of my favorite musicals as a child. Perhaps I related to the children orphaned of their mother and disconnected from their father. 

Dirty Dancing. Released in August of 1987 and directed by Emile Ardolino. I think what I find most interesting about this movie now is how B class it was considered at the time of its production. No major companies or directors (other than one of the co-producers) would touch it. Now decades later it is still generated ridiculous passive income to those who own the rights.  

Rent. Originally seen on Broadway in 1996 by show created Jonathon Larson, then released in a film version in 2005 directed by Chris Columbus. I didn’t see the original Broadway play, but I have been to two different theater versions of the play and I have watched it countless times on video. This is the type of story that resonates with the soul. It makes sense it would be a musical. 

Across the Universe. Released in October of 2007 and directed by Julie Taymor. A beautifully tragic story of love during a time of war and turmoil told through decades of songs by The Beatles. I imagine I would love this movie regardless of soundtrack, but I don’t know that it would work as well. That it is all Beatles’ music makes it that much better.

There you have it – my five favorite musicals … today.

It makes sense for me though because music has always plays a big role in my life as far as mood management and focus goes, I even have a power playlist.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be writing about someone or something that I miss. 

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