Hindsight is often 20/20

I’ve been laid off since March 20th due to COVID_19, but I am not complaining. This pandemic needs to be taken seriously.  

I work in optics, which means glasses and faces. Even with proper diligence I can’t be 4-6 feet from my patients for testing/fitting and let’s be honest – the farther away from you I am regarding your glasses, the more compromised my level of service to you is. 

For over a year I have been the general manager to an amazing staff of 7 people, with great pride in the store I ran for my community. 

Even when we do reopen – things will be different. 

I have an adult son who lives two hours from me. For the 18 months he has lived there we have always managed a weekend trip or an occasional day trip for lunch, at least once every six weeks.  

Other than FaceTime, I haven’t seen my boy since the middle of February and it will probably be another 6-8 weeks before we even consider traveling in our state.

I miss my boy! 

Even my little one is struggling to adjust to life without friends from daycare or gymnastics, which hasn’t been easy.

It’s been hard adapting to the sudden and rather traumatic changes in the world as this health crisis takes hold. Couple that with living in a country with leadership that boastfully missed the mark on containment and has fumbled constantly with regards to the lives and safety of the people, putting the economy before health and safety – it’s all hard to process.

I miss my old perception of normal, even though I wanted to change it then too. 

Hindsight really is 20/20. 

But self-reflection is wondrous. 

I am rediscovering myself and my passion. I feel more certain of what I want to do, of the direction of my path now than ever before.

Being home has forced me to recognize and reconcile what I sacrifice working 50+ hours a week personally and mentally vs. my fear of making a move and living a truly fulfilling life doing what I love.

I’m coming to realize that my biggest responsibility to myself, is to be aware of my body and mind, to feel my feelings and to sense the energies around me without judgement. Then I have to make a choice, do I fight it or flow with it. 

I choose to flow with it (as much as possible).  

It’s time to really learn what it means to feel it, see it, understand it, and work on moving through it. 

For more information on the Corona-virus visit the World Health Organization or the CDC websites.

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