When My Words get Lost

I have found myself with writer’s block this morning.

My words are lost in the waves of my mind. I am feeling a sense of overwhelm due to some recent events. Alas, this is how my process goes, the pull towards silent withdrawal when my mind and emotions become exhausting. I need to rest.

It’s always my writing that pays the price. Mostly because of what I write about – this is my platform for processing. Which keeps everything at the forefront for reflection and objectivity.

Maybe I should try my hand at fictional short stories?

Anyway, as a means of sparking some inspiration, I found myself on the goodreads quotes page looking for some sort of connection to an idea to write about, and this is what I found.

“What’s writing really about? It’s about trying to take fuller possession of the reality of your life.”

Ted Hughes

It resonated.

My Medium for Healing

This is what my writing is for me. Me taking control of my own reality; I am taking control of my healing process, my story, and of who I am, through my words. Doing this helps me stay present and connected. My site is truly a medium for my healing.

Healing can be tiring. Trauma healing is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. I will need to rest every once in awhile.

Perhaps that is why bulk writing, and realistic posting schedules are so important for those of us focused on mental health writing; we are going to need days of quiet nothing to rest.

I don’t intend to stop writing; I deserve everything that my writing is helping me achieve. But I do need to remember when my mind goes blank of words that the words are still there, and they will flow when they are ready.

When I feel obligated to produce content, I have to remind myself “No Judgement” ! It’s okay if I miss posting for a day, so long as I don’t stop writing completely.

The only thing I owe anyone, is patience and understanding with myself.

It’s okay to have an off kinda day ...

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9 thoughts on “When My Words get Lost

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  1. I really relate to a lot of what you just said!

    Especially this—
    “Maybe I should try my hand at fictional short stories?”

    For me at least, having thoughts like this was a sign of my having healed a bit, and now I’m going back and forth between creative writing and factual.

    Some of the most inspired and satisfying writing can come through hardships, so there’s a bit of a love-hate relationship, in that I am flooded with inspiration when confronting difficulties!

    “When I feel obligated to produce content, I have to remind myself “No Judgement” ! It’s okay if I miss posting for a day, so long as I don’t stop writing completely.”

    Exactly 🙂. And often taking the pressure off is what is needed to get inspiration back. Changing something in your day, having any kind of new experience, I usually find generates inspiration.

    1. I wrote a lot as a kid, I still have a copy of one of my stories from 7th grade but the rest are only in my memory. I haven’t connected with that side of my creativity, to that kid, in decades.

      I imagine venturing into this realm will offer it’s own level of healing and reconnection too.

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