7 Writing Prompts for Processing Trauma

Why Writing Prompts

Writing is an outlet for me. You too?

Some people journal privately, some people journal on a blog for everyone to read (me).

Over the course of my blog I have found myself at times wanting badly to write, feeling the words brimming under the surface, but unable to find the motivational spark to begin.

I’ve never used a guided journal before, instead when I found myself unfocused in my private journal I created my own journaling prompts. Then I thought, maybe I could use the same concept for writing here and I did a 14 day writing challenge of self-reflection with predetermined prompts to write from.

It helped me a lot. As I read back over those two weeks of posts I see such diversity in topic, yet continuity of context as I told my story through the motivation of the different prompts.

That challenge ended last week and over the last few days I have battled some writer’s block. Time for another list of prompts.

7 Writing Prompts for Processing Trauma

  • Write about a negative cognition you hold that you know is not true, and talk about why it isn’t.
  • Write about your safe space (e.g. how you created it, what it means to you, what it represents).
  • List 5 positive impacts the pandemic has had on your life or your community
  • Write about your take on forgiveness
  • Write a letter to yourself (older, younger, or current – you decide)
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • Write about a trauma response you are working on and the cost vs. benefit of it on your life.

The 1-Week Challenge

I know I am not the only one who benefits from writing prompts.

Now that you have your prompts (and I have mine) – we’ve got seven days of content just waiting to spill out of us whether to a personal blog, or private journal.

I hope these prompts help you dive deep and learn a few things about yourself.

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As you write, if you share it on your site, I would love to see you tag it back to this post so that we can all share and heal together.

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