Blurred Lines

She’s so scared right now,

the little girl inside.

She feels betrayed,


and angry.

She wants moral justice for her pain.

How quickly life lost direction.

She is panicked,


Her feelings are bleeding through.

Breaking the surface,

becoming my own.

The woman:

Held captive by the chaos of the little girl’s responses.

Living life in constant conflict,

with myself.

The Child and the Woman.

I keep trying to comfort her,

that precious little girl.

But in these moments,

reality blurs.

I keep losing her in me,

and losing me in her.

Neither of us fully in control,

Struggling to let go,

and hold on.

Both of us

reaching for each other.

Connected by a lifetime of isolation,


tethered to all our pain

which rages inside.

A poem by Shanon

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