A Poem of Grief

My eyes:
raw from careless fingers
brushing at them
blurred with freshly fallen tears.

My lips:
unable to find words,
let alone speak
dry from the constant gasps for air
between sobs.

My shoulders:
curled in,
tense and sore,
holding a head cast downward
exhausted from carrying the weight
of this grief.

My heart:
lost in the immense depth
of this grief.
for the hands of time
to turn back
and change everything.

My lungs:
robbed of oxygen,
fighting to breathe.
Crushed by the weight of
each loss,
each disappointment,
each betrayal.

My senses:
alert and aware,
searching for a sense of control,
by feelings of powerlessness.

My mind:
dizzy among these waves,
desperately trying to stay afloat,
searching for solid ground,
continuously swept up,
in the ocean of my pain.

Written By Shanon

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