The Courage to Imagine

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” –Roy T. Bennett

The brain of a child that is abused long-term through childhood changes, physically. Growth is impeded.

A scan of my brain will look much different to that of someone who has not been subjected to the long-term complex traumas I was. Areas of my brain are smaller, underdeveloped due to constant stress hormones being produced through my childhood. My brain’s alarm system is wired differently when it comes to detecting threats in the world.

Creativity heals not just the brain, but the body too.

This is not just opinion, I am talking science and trauma. My childhood hindered development in certain areas of my brain, areas that using creativity and imagination can help blossom.

“Creativity takes courage. ” –Henri Matisse

I need to change it up, make intentional moves right now. My mental health depends on it. For a couple weeks now I keep toying with the idea of creative writing but it is intimidating.

Expressive writing about mental health and the affects of my trauma is my wheelhouse. However my writing is pretty heavy even when it heals. The last couple days have been very difficult and my energy levels are low – they need a boost. My normal style of writing isn’t what I need right now.

Today I plan to use some prompts and see where this new form of writing takes me. We’ll see if it is presentable enough to post for comment. 😁

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