Monthly Goals: July 2020

As another month passes, I am once again looking back on the goals that I wanted to accomplish, how I did, and what I want to keep working on going forward.

Goals have been a part of my therapy for over three years to help me focus on managing different aspects of my trauma responses. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 101. Three months ago, when I decided to make a commitment to this advocacy work my focus for at least the next year, I started writing out monthly goals for personal growth and reflection.

If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.

I Hate to Admit it But …

I actually didn’t revisit my goals once during the month of June to see how I was doing or if I needed to refocus on anything. What good are goals if you write them down once and then completely forget about them? In June though, my memory filtered out anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

I have felt so railroaded by life in general that I never once thought about “goals”. I was concerned with managing symptoms and making it through each day.

That’s okay though, because I am weathering the storms much better these days than I have in the past. Progress is progress.

Last Month’s Goals

As I read through my goals for the month of June, I am actually quite surprised. Let’s take a look at last month’s goals and see how I did:

  1. Consistency with my writing
  2. Book launch
  3. Get more comfy in front of a camera
  4. Move my body
  5. Acceptance of my new path

How did I do?

I have definitely been consistent with my writing, even through all the struggles of the last month. Not only has it become a habit, but I am also very grateful to the community here. Writing out my struggles and receiving support, comfort, and encouragement has helped tremendously.

Didn’t launch the book. This has literally been the last thing on my mind these days, and I am okay with that right now. My work is taking me in a different direction in the immediate. Nevertheless, a book will come eventually, of that I am certain.

I tried to get comfy in front of the camera. I recorded myself once – then stopped. I don’t know if it is nerves in front of the camera or a hesitancy to speak vulnerably in the moment. The things I want to share on video tend to be the moments when my words fail me and I turn to writing. Still working that one out.

I moved my body more than the month before, so that is definitely a win. I am still working on every day, but as of right now – a couple times a week I spend 10 minutes or so doing easy stretches to get my body moving. I’d like to transition into longer yoga sessions soon.

Acceptance of my new path has been riddled with moments of self-doubt but I keep pushing through. I am getting used to my new schedule, things are feeling more natural, and I can see more clearly how this is morphing into my livelihood.

Goals for July

As I reflect on what I accomplished last month and take into consideration some things that are happening naturally as I willingly move through uncertainty my goals for this month are very clear.

Move my body/Mindfulness:

I have been really focused on self-care this month. I have reflected on how difficult and unnatural it feels for me and I have worked on ways to be more mindful of my self-care. Self-care isn’t an “Easy Button” – it takes intention. I want to continue working on making this a habit, and perhaps work in some yoga.

Call more Friends & Family

Recent events in my life brought to my attention how isolated I have become over the last couple months. Yes, a huge factor is the pandemic, but I think I have used it as an excuse for serious withdrawal. I need to push myself to reach out more. I have family and friends who love me and I need that support and connection, now more than ever.

The Survivors Speak Interview Series

As I increase my advocacy within the survivor community and work collaboratively with others I have decided to create a space on my site for other survivors to speak and share their stories. The series launches tomorrow (July 2, 2020), and I am already working with numerous survivors on stories to come. I am excited about the connections I am making as I focus on this project.

My plans for online Individual/Group Peer Support

While I want to launch immediately – I am making sure I have everything properly organized and ready for this to begin. I hope by within the next 2-4 weeks to have online sessions available for those who want join the SCT Peer Support Network. More information to come. Feel free to contact me if you want more information.

Acceptance in General

A lot has been going on in my life lately. Things that even the average person would struggle with, but coupled with my trauma and the psychological injuries I live with, it has been especially difficult. I plan to continue the uncomfortable work of acceptance, by feeling it and moving through it – this is how I get to healing.

What are your goals for July?

Closing Comments

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  1. Sounds like you’re done a lot, especially given what’s been going on lately.

    I rarely set time frames around my goals because it’s hard to predict my functioning. Motivation isn’t really an issue for me, so flexible timelines work well.

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