7 Journal Prompts about Acceptance

Over the last few weeks, acceptance has been a consistent theme peppered into my struggles. As I maneuver numerous losses this month and work hard to manage my emotional responses and stress levels I have continued to write as an outlet and a means of focus for processing.

In general, as a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma, acceptance is hard due to its complexity. It’s not just an acceptance of the abuse, or the betrayals, or the disappointments – it is an acceptance of the life long effects I have to live with.

As I work through the discomfort of accepting things outside my control, I am learning to value myself more, and trust my own judgement.

I am learning that with acceptance, I feel more confident about a given situation. This however is not to say that acceptance comes easy, or that it comes quickly. I’ve got things I’ve been working on for years.

As we move into the new week, below are 7 journal prompts to help you dig deeper into what you accept, what you don’t, why that is, and how you feel about. 

7 Journal Prompts about Acceptance

  1. What does Acceptance mean to you?
  2. Write about 3 difficult things in your life that you DO Accept?
  3. Reflect on the things you DO accept, how did you reach acceptance?
  4. Write about 3 difficult things in your life that you DO NOT accept?
  5. Reflect on the things you do NOT accept, what has been the hardest part about reaching acceptance?
  6. List 3 things you feel, that let you know you have accepted something and are moving past it?
  7. What advice would you give a friend to help them with acceptance?

If you are a writer here on WordPress, feel free to tag this post into any prompt pieces you write from this list. I would love to follow your journey of healing too.  Check out some other journal prompts while you’re here.

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