Creating Structure through Uncertainty at SCT Together

Hey everyone!!

I have written before about how much as I appreciate what my writing does for me and my healing, yet how it can often become too much as I keep all of my trauma at the forefront for processing.

Using this as a means of creating consistent content has proven nearly impossible. I never know when my words will flow or what about. I am sure in many regards that is what is so appealing about my journey – the rawness and the realness. I don’t ever intend to stop sharing that.

But I think we all appreciate consistency, especially in times of great uncertainty.

Future Plans

As I continue to work on the advocacy project side of Surviving Childhood Trauma I am figuring out ways to balance it with my real-time healing process. To this end, I have created a Weekly Content Calendar in order to give myself content structure without feeling constantly obligated to put my emotions into words when I need to contain.

This will ensure consistent content you can all count on from me. Content that I hope helps you move through your own healing process.

Here is What You Can Expect

  • Sunday – my day to rest, no scheduled content
  • Monday: In Other People’s Words – a quote for the week
  • Tuesday: Self-Care Tips
  • Wednesday: Therapy Dump from my evening’s counseling session.
  • Thursday: Survivors Speak Series Interview
  • Friday: Pieces of Poetry, whether mine or someone else’s
  • Saturday: Journal Prompts for the week ahead

All the While Peppered with my Journey

Each week as you enjoy the content you can count on, you will also get all the good, the bad, and the ugly of my healing journey. The support I received from all of you, my readers, as I celebrate and grieve is priceless. I appreciate all of you.

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Closing Comments

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