7 Journal Prompts about Self-Compassion

Compassion and patience with myself has become a pivotal point in my life recently. As I wade through numerous losses and all the emotions that come with it compacted into just a few weeks – I find I am very tired.

I definitely don’t feel “on-top of” my routines. More like my routines are the only thing keeping me inside the lines and my head above water.

The Healing Process

Through my years of counseling and focus on healing I am learning just how important rest is when healing a mental injury like Post Traumatic Stress from childhood abuse. I am also learning that just because I take the time to rest, doesn’t mean the pain, or grief, or fear – whatever it is I am working through – will not suddenly go away.

I continue learning new ways to allow both my sadness and my happiness to coexist together, I am becoming more deeply connected to myself when I do take time to rest. When that happens, true healing happens.

With self-compassion, self-care, and rest in mind – here are 7 journal prompts to help you take a look at how you handle yourself when you need to rest.

7 Journal Prompts About Self-Compassion

  1. What does self-compassion mean to you?
  2. Write about 2 (or more) things that let you know it is time to rest your own mind and body.
  3. Write about how you can help yourself balance every-day responsibility with time to rest.
  4. List 3 things you currently do to encourage self-compassion with yourself.
  5. Write about one new thing you want to learn/try that will continue to encourage self-compassion with yourself.
  6. What advice would you give a friend who needed to take time to rest? Write out what that conversation would look like.
  7. Write a letter to yourself about why it is so important that you take some time for yourself when it becomes clear that you need it

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Closing Comments

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  1. This is a lovely piece! Number 6 is looking like a good post idea for me and I will definitely tag you, once I figure out how to do that 😛 I think rest is hard for us to negotiate, especially when we’re in fight mode. I can relate to wanting to work, to think, to do anything but let my body rest. I am also recovering from a mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) so rest is even more essential. A couple months ago I started a blog where I share my thoughts on self-love and other inspiring content. I recently reviewed a wonderful short film called SKIDS, about an alternative, trauma-informed school. Maybe you’d be interested 🙂 The film is at the bottom of my review over on my site. Anywho, just a friendly hello from a like-minded blogger. Looking forward to reading more of your writing!

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