Online Schooling is the Right Choice for my Family

Life has been pretty nuts recently. I probably sound like a broken record these days starting every post off this way. It’s the truth though – and probably for more people that I realize.

In addition to the emotional taxation of PTSD and what that represents in my life each day, I am knee deep in applications for programs to ensure my family has healthcare, food, and rent covered. Anyone who has had to rely on state programs understands the hoops, the calls, the paperwork. It’s just been a lot.

On top of all of that, another huge box to check off in the not-so back of my mind is that my daughter is fast approaching the first day of kindergarten. Something that has been a huge discussion in our home since before she was born.

It’s Always Been a Thought

My husband and I have huge aspirations to eventually live tiny, as well as more remotely. As part of that aspiration, despite our huge support for public schools, we have seriously considered home schooling since we first learned we were pregnant.

It has a little bit to do with the hippy side of us and the want to ensure she has a level of learning only we can provide, but also our deep understanding of the political climate in our state and it’s negative affects on the school district.

For the last five years I have been watching youtube videos, reading online sites, and sifting through all sorts of purchasable curriculums as well as ways to create my own.

In general home schooling is overwhelming and a bit scary.

We Started to Consider Brick and Mortar

Unsure I was able to fully create a curriculum that would meet all her needs, and uninterested in programs that were not secular – I was finding it a bit difficult to find a program that would provide the necessary resources I would need at a cost I could afford.

So we started to discuss sending her into the classroom. Maybe kindergarten would be better with a structured class and we could pick up the online learning a year or two later. It started to sound like the smarter thing to do for her and our family.

Additionally, my husband and I were both working full time so we were concerned we wouldn’t have the time she needed from us.

It was pretty much settled as we entered this year – she would go to the local school.

COVID19 Has Changed Our Lives, and our Minds

COVID19, this global pandemic has changed everything about the life we once lived and the life we live now; in just 4 short months. My husband and I no longer work for the companies we did and are now home working schedules that we set.

Additionally I live in the state with one of the fasted R-naught spread rates in the nation lead by an administration that doesn’t take the virus seriously. Our own state supreme court overturned our Governor’s reopening guidelines and allowed the state to reopen too early and with no safety plan.

Putting my child into a public school setting right now feels like the most irresponsible thing I could do. I don’t mean that as a slight against parents who have no choice; it is a horrible testament to my country and the choices being forced on parents/teachers/school employees in general.

So the search for an online school began again.

This Morning We Applied to Enroll

Sadly my current school district’s e-school is completely full and no longer accepting enrollment applications. When I saw this the other day, I was shocked to see this result a full two months before school starts.

I guess this goes to show the state of the world right now.

There’s a waiting list – but I feel like I can’t sit around and wait in this current climate so I took to the internet again. I found, which I had seen in advertisements on Hulu; it is a free online public school with virtual academies around the nation.

This morning as a family we watched an orientation video, filled out enrollment paperwork, and spoke with the enrollment department. If all goes well we start school Sept. 1st.

Can’t Hide our Excitement

From the minute we spoke with someone until the minute I finished the application is has felt 100% right. We will have the resources we need and the assistance we need to teach our child. She will have a teacher and a classroom all online.

We also realize that with this option, if schools are forced to shut down again suddenly, that our kiddo won’t experience an interruption in her learning because we will already be set up and learning virtually.

Finally, we are doing our part in our community. We are keeping our family’s safety in mind as well as that of the teachers, school employees, and other children who all touch additional family at home.

Come Along for the Journey

It’s going to be another crazy adventure for me and I plan to share along the way. It’ll be nice to meet and connect with other home schooling moms/dads too. I can’t go back to my old life, but I sure can get excited about my new life to come.

It’s really happening – I am going to home school my child!!

Closing Comments

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  1. Parenting and school choices are stressful enough without a pandemic thrown into the mix. I’m glad to hear that you were able to navigate your way to a decision that is a good fit for your family. Best wishes to you on your new adventure. 💕

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