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Hi Friends.

As many of you follow my journey you have witnessed my recent embrace of advocacy in this realm. My mission (as a writer and advocate) is to share my story candidly for those who need it, while providing resources and support to those working through their own healing.

The next move SCT Together is making will be to offer facilitated Peer Support Groups online but first I want your input.

Please take a moment and complete the SCT Peer Support Survey.

Complete Survey HERE

Read about Peer Support Here.

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Be a part of the Survivors Speak Interview Series which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Survivors of childhood trauma by providing a platform to share truth through our stories. If you would like to participate in this interview series and share your story submit your information.

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  1. What a great idea!! It’s probably not for me, because I tend to get agitated in groups and alienate everyone. But go for it!! Keep up the great work!!

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