Life Doesn’t Stop

A quick update on me –

I’m struggling with depression, a lot. Worse than it has been in many months. However, I am also working on a higher level of awareness then before as my healing continues. Because of that, I feel more in control of my depression than I have in the past.

I wish control meant I could make it go away, but I realize now that control simply means I can help myself through it until it passes.

I’m much more connected to the idea of my own personal responsibility to myself as I employ self-care skills to help me cope. I need to ensure I rest properly, and to ensure I get the kick in the pants I need before rest turns into “stuck”.

The Kick in the Pants

Old Habits Die Hard

I mentioned in this week’s Therapy Dump, that I have realized I am now overworking myself here, at home on my computer, on this site. As little as 8 weeks ago I boasted the end of 50+ hour work weeks, burnt out, with no time for family after losing my job.

Ah, bargaining.

Those boasts meant nothing because I went and did it here, on this site – as I dive head first into the many projects I want to accomplish.

Intentional Moves

So I forced myself to create balance in my life yesterday. I turned my PC off, closed it, and left the house with my daughter. Numerous times yesterday I purposefully changed my thoughts as I kept trying to think about “work”.

I took the day off!

And I slept better last night than I have all week. My brain needed a break from trauma focused work.

Family Connection

The universe stepped in recently and placed family in my path at just the right moments and when I was asked the reflexive introductory “how are you” – I answered honestly.

If it caught my cousin, or either of my aunts off guard when I told them how sad I am, they didn’t waver – instead we took our moments to talk and connect.

In those moments I didn’t monopolize with my sorrows; I shared, they comforted, and then we moved on to enjoy the connection. My cousin did give me some self-care homework for the week – love that girl!

Some Exciting Things Happening Right Now

My interview with Starts with Youth has gone live and can be seen on their site by clicking HERE.

It was nice to be a part of their interview project. I have shared my story through other sites previously but it was collaborating with them when it dawned on me I should provide a similar platform and I created the Survivor Speak Interview Series.

I also have an Instagram Live interview coming up this Saturday (more details to come) with @bachpan-Save The Innocence a volunteer organization out of Panchkula, India focused on helping educate and provide resources to the people of India regarding childhood sexual abuse.

I will make sure to announce the date and time and I will also post the full interview once complete so keep an eye out!


In the News:

Some articles I saw this week that might interest you, because why not –

Closing Comments

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