7 Journal Prompts to Make You Smile

For the last few weeks, all the journal prompts I have shared have been reflections of some serious healing I have been doing. To the point that I became exhausted from the weight of everything and I shut down.

I sure don’t want to do that to all of you that are following these weekly prompts as you journal your recovery.

This week all the prompts are about fun memories. I want us all to focus on the things that make us smile. Reflecting on good memories and positive experiences is just as important to trauma recovery and healing as processing the heavy stuff.


7 Journal Prompts To Make You Smile

  1. Are you a beach person, or all about the backyard bar-b-que? Write about a favorite get together memory.
  2. Write about a fun tradition you have with family, or a friend, or yourself that is special to you.
  3. What was your favorite game to play as a child; write about playing it with siblings or neighborhood friends.
  4. Write about your favorite vacation or a dream vacation you want to take.
  5. Write about a funny experience with family or friends that has become a continually shared story.
  6. Write about 5 of your favorite things to do during the summer?
  7. Write about your proudest moment of self-accomplishment. Brag about yourself!

If you are a writer here on WordPress, feel free to tag this post into any prompt pieces you write from this list. I would love to follow your journey of healing too. 

Check out more journal prompts while you are here, and don’t forget to check back every Saturday for a new week’s worth of prompts.

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Keeping a journal is an important part of healing – below you will find a guided journal with prompts and a blank journal. You pick which is best for your recovery needs.

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