Depression Has Cost Me

What a week it has been.
I’ve practically walked away from writing.

Not because I have nothing to say,
I’m just exhausted.
And when I am this tired words fail me.
They bounce around in my head,
but my ability to put them to paper in some sort of clear sense
is gone.

no motivation,
everything left to sit undone
regardless of importance.

That has been my week.
And it really hit me (and my family) where it hurts –

Things are different now.
This new world I live in is filled with uncertainty and loss.
No more paid time off.
If I don’t work, the bills don’t get paid.
My feelings on how mental illness and injury are approached and handled in the country I live is a topic for another piece.

So, the adult me is learning a tough lesson.
I’m not balancing my time properly.
I’m not taking care of myself mentally.
and my family as a whole is literally paying the price.

No judgement.

It’s a new day.
I know what I need to do.

I’ve got this.


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Self-care is important! Coloring is a wonderful activity for relaxing.

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  1. Hi I’m feeling exactly the way u are but maybe a few weeks ahead as I’m getting a bit manic – but things t starting to get better and things will go your way too. You know why? Because we are fighters and we don’t give up! I’m not in the same position as u financially but as a nurse – covid has retraumatised me. I got an A for English but I always say I can’t write down my thoughts. You have helped me to do that. When my house sale eventually goes thru I’m going to send you something because u deserve it my brave inspirational sister here.

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