7 Journal Prompts: Explore Your Personal History

Over the last week I have been experiencing a number of new memories. Many of the memories are of normal childhood stuff. For me though, they are memories of a childhood I thought I had completely forgotten.

As I reconcile a realization of lost time during my childhood, and I piece together my own timeline through these new memories – I thought this week’s journal prompts should focus on our own personal histories.

Let’s Get Exploring

  1. Write about the origin, history, and meaning of your name.
  2. Write about the city/state/hospital where you were born.
  3. Write about your favorite subject or class in school & why.
  4. Write about your favorite place to go as a child.
  5. Write about your childhood home; if you moved as a child, write about it.
  6. Write about your most memorable birthday.
  7. Write about what you wanted to be as a kid. Is that what you do now?

Keeping a journal of your healing journey helps.


If you are a writer here on WordPress, feel free to tag this post into any prompt pieces you write from this list. I would love to follow your journey of healing too. 

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Closing Comments

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