Monthly Goals: August 2020

Another month has passed, how quickly this year seems to be moving – some of it in a surreal blur. As I look back on last month’s goals, as I take stock of the last 30 days of my life – I realize, I need to change some stuff up.

This last month has taken a toll on me. I have struggled through some deep depression, I’ve grappled with a lot of loss, and I have worked to accept some painful stuff.

As I look back on the things I had hoped to accomplish – I see that my priorities (with good intention) were a little bit off base vs. what I needed from myself.

Too Much Focus Outward

Last month I continued to focus on consistency with my writing. Which I have done well – I have a new advocacy series called Survivors Speak where I provide a platform for survivors to share their stories with other survivors. Submit to take part. I also set up a content calendar to ensure information and resources stay consistent.

I wanted to launch my book but for a second month in a row that was not a priority.

I had plans for getting in front of the camera, and while that will be happening soon – it didn’t happen last month. Not once.

I am still focused on moving my body but I still lack the necessary motivation – and I don’t want to hear that if I exercise I’ll have more energy – I am fully aware.

Acceptance of my new path is probably the one thing I did the most work on, and why I hit such an exhausted state of depression. However, I am finding my way out, learning new methods of coping, and coming to terms with the truths in my life whether I like them or not. This was really the only goal I had that had to do with me, as a person healing.

Time to Focus on Myself

This month’s goals are all about me. I need to reconnect to myself, refocus on who I am, what I need, and how my family and friends play a part of that.

Work has always been a place that I find identity and so, when the pandemic gave me the time to focus on Trauma Support and Advocacy I jumped into it full force and I have missed some valuable time with special people that wasn’t always available. All my goals have been work centered and I wore myself out during a time I needed tenderness and support from myself.

I plan to change that this month. I finally got the enrollment process for my soon-to-be kindergartner moving, it’s time to take full advantage of the last 30 days before school starts!!


My Goals for August

Practice More Mindfulness & Self-Care

This month I challenge myself to one act of Self-Care per day and a more mindful approach to my interactions with myself, my family, and my friends. This will be a challenge for me – completely outside the realm of my normal living. I am excited.

Better Routines & Personal Accountability

As I emerge from the fog of my most recent depression, I realize my responsibility to myself in these situations to create a routine – a schedule for my time each day that gives me purpose. With that, I must hold myself accountable to my obligations, as well as the consequences if I don’t follow through. Mindfulness and better self-care should help with this.

Teach My Daughter to Write her Name

We’re starting school next month, and it is super exciting. I have considered homeschooling since I was pregnant, the pandemic made it a no brainer. My little one is about to start kindergarten and I get to play a huge role in her learning, both an honor and quite the undertaking (major props to teachers). I am going to teach her to write her name this month! She has three of the seven letters down – she’s got this!! And so do I!

Read One Fiction Novel

In the last 4 years all that I have read is: text books, self-help books, science and psychology behind trauma books, online media, and the real-life stories of others here in this community. No fiction. No make believe. I used to LOVE to read – in 2014 I challenged myself to 25 books that year but realized I was in such a hurry to reach my goal I missed the greatness of some of the stories. I plan to read a book this month – feel free to drop suggestions in the comments.

Face Up to the Work that Needs to Happen in my Marriage

This is in no way a suggestion of a marriage in trouble – but it is a marriage filled with challenges. I am a much different person as I heal my trauma, than I was 11 years ago when we met and I was dissociated from my childhood. The more I tune into myself through this healing, the more I realize the work that goes into a relationship. The vulnerability, the trust, what it feels like to let down my walls and still be accepted fully. It is so unfamiliar, even uncomfortable. So I tend to avoid it. My husband is so patient, he is constantly working to understand how trauma affects me, and he deserves just as much effort from me in return.

Sometimes a journal specific to the task helps with progress. Purchase this goal oriented journal today!

What are some of your goals for August?
Don’t forget some book suggestions! I like fantasy and historical fiction the most but I’m open to anything!

Closing Comments

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