5 Self-Care Activities You Can Do Alone

A big part of self-care is you time.

It may feel selfish, but it is integral to your healing. Find some time each day to steal away with yourself for a little bit of alone time to work on a task, or to simply tune out.

You’ll be amazed how it can help you recharge and refocus.

Here are five things to help encourage you to go spend some quality time with yourself.

Five Self-Care Activities
You Can Do Alone

Learn to Cook a New Meal

Check out Pinterest, or simply google your favorite food and then grab up on a recipe and get cooking. Put the music on, pour yourself a glass of wine, and fill your house with amazing aromas.

Check Out Some Motivational Ted Talks

Instead of sinking into the brain drain of social media, check out Ted Talks and find a subject that speaks to you. Spend some time watching a few motivational talks.

Read a Book or Magazine

Find a quiet place in your house, or maybe out in the yard and chill out with a book or magazine. Take a cup of tea (or coffee), and get lost for a little while into some stories.


Write Someone a Letter and Mail it

We all love getting notes from our friends and family in the mail, especially when all we normally get are bills and junk mail. Take some time to appreciate someone in your life and let them know, send some smiles to their mailbox – who knows, they may send some back!

Set 5 Goals For the Next 30 Days

Take a few minutes to think about what you want to accomplish and what you are passionate about. Then write out 5 goals that you want to challenge yourself to accomplish over the next 30 days. Write them down in your journal so you can reference them.

Pick One Activity a Day

Now that you have read these five ideas, I challenge you to pick one a day for the next five days and practice some self-care. Or share your ideas of solo activities that you prefer in the comments below!

Closing Comments

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