Is this what acceptance is?
Or am I avoiding it all together?

I think I have this figured out.

Am I really letting it go?
Or just ignoring is completely?

I think I’m moving through it.

Emotions are so new to me,
feeling all this stuff so foreign.

But I know that I am learning.

As I charter unknown territory,
I questions myself so much.

I am just trying to figure out who I am.

I never thought my trust issues
would be so internal –

Still, I know that I am healing myself.

by: Shanon

Trust issues tend to be at the top of the list for trauma survivors when it comes to their relationships with others. I never realized how big my trust issues were until I realized I equated trust with safety.

Turns out trust can be an internal issue too. After a childhood of abuse, it is second nature for the child, and eventually the adult – to believe they aren’t good enough. When you feel little value, self-doubt is easy to cozy up with.

This poem reflects the constant internal dialogue I work through as I learn to value myself and in turn trust myself as I heal from my childhood abuse and trauma.

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