9 Habits for Mental & Physical Health

I saw this pinned on Pinterest the other day and I loved it. What a great breakdown of how to maintain healthy eating, sleeping, and movement goals/habits.

I wanted to share this and to talk a little bit about each step in maintaining healthy habits on a daily basis.

from Collective Gen

9 Thousand Steps

It is estimated that the average person’s stride is between 2 and 2.5 feet. Based on this measurement, 1 mile is approximately 2 thousand steps.

9 thousand steps equals somewhere around 4.6 miles depending on your height. As someone who definitely need to move my body more – this seems extreme to me.

However, I do know it is possible if I go to a local forest preserve and take a hike with my family, or go out to the harbor and walk the path while my daughter rides her scooter. I know that if I get more intentional with my house chores I’ll pick up a decent amount of steps inside and around the yard.

I can work these steps into my daily life through things that can bring me joy and a sense of accomplishment. Maybe I won’t hit 9 thousand steps right away each day – but I know how to get there and I plan to give this one a solid try.

8 Hours of Sleep

Super important for overall physical, mental, and emotional health. However, sleep can be difficult for someone dealing with or going through trauma. The symptoms caused by PTSD can interrupt sleep or make it hard to get all together.

There are herbs and medications that can assist with this. Meditation is also suggested (I have used yoga nidra before), or creating a bedtime routine – all things to help you get some rest.

I have also started setting an alarm to create a daily routine for myself which is helping me to go to bed earlier as well, something I was hoping for.

7 Glasses of Water

Water is so important to physical health, and when we feel better physically we have more strength to focus on healing ourselves mentally.

I don’t drink enough water. I’ll be paying more attention to this.


6 Minutes of Meditation

Yes! Some quiet alone time. Do it!

Maybe it’s in the morning with a cup of coffee as you look out your window. Maybe you set up a space in your home and you steal away for some time to sit alone to reconnect. Or maybe you do find a yoga nidra app on your phone and put in earbuds when you go to sleep to help relax your mind and body as you drift off.

I highly recommend working this quiet time into your day, and 6 minutes is such a teaser – you’ll crave more once you get a taste.

5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies

Eat your food like it is medicine so that one day you won’t have to eat medicine like it is your food.


I know full well how expensive it can be to eat healthy, however with a little bit of effort you can find local farmers, or a farmers market for inexpensive fresh fruits and veggies. Keep an eye on what is in season for the best pricing.

Working in fruits to take the place of processed sweets, and veggies to lessen your starch intake will have you feeling so much better physically. Have you ever looked at all the “veggie side dishes” on Pinterest? Do it, you’ll be inspired.

4 Breaks to Stretch Mentally & Physically

Plain and simple. Take breaks. Allow yourself to breathe, to reconnect to yourself and your space – and to rest.

We aren’t robots, we need to follow our own personal energy flow and when it takes us away from the project we are working on, allow it to. Do some mediation – or move your body a little and get in some of those 9 thousand steps.

Whatever you do – take time during the day to be with yourself, listening to what you need mentally and physically so you don’t run yourself dry.

3 Meals & 3 Healthy Snacks

I struggle with this the most. More so with the schedule than the foods though. I eat a ton of fruit, and when we do have a proper meal it always has the correct portioning of protein, veggies, and grains but – those proper meals don’t happen enough. Because they don’t happen enough I don’t get the 5 servings of fruits & veggies that I should.

I’m a work in progress.


2 Hours of No Phone/Tablet Before Bed

I struggle with this one too – mostly because games and youtube videos tend to be where I go to relax and unwind – which is primarily before bed.

One way I am trying to counter this is by reading a book this month as part of my August goals, and getting my daughter into a nighttime routine that helps her settle better as well.

1 Exercise Session

It is so important to move your body! a few weeks back, as I began to take the steps necessary to get myself moving more I started with basic stretching. From there I have worked myself into 7 minute beginner cardio videos (on youtube) that I can do in my living room. Then I follow that up with the stretching.

Or – take this time to go for that walk and get in those 9 thousand steps!!

Challenge Yourself

Take this list and set a goal. It doesn’t have to be the whole list – make your goal achievable based on where you are in this moment.

However you work towards healthy mental and physical habits – always listen to what your body is telling you.

Go for it! You can do it!

For more from Collective Gen visit their site.

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