My Life Recently via My Instagram Posts

I haven’t written since last week Thursday; not a single scheduled post.

This last week of my life has been the worst yet this year. I think it is a culmination of the past few weeks becoming too much as I continue to learn proper self-care and balance.

Life has gone like this during August:

My Instagram LIVE interview
The Playback
Then the malicious lady who lied
and then the Flashback.

All peppered with the process of change in my relationship with my adult son as he reconnects with his sibling and not me.

The Energy dip after that has lead me to a place of simultaneous disconnect and emotional overwhelm.

The only place I’ve stayed active has been on my Instagram and here is what that has looked like the last week or so:

After two days of nothingness on the couch I finally got up , showered, and put together my resume as I keep an eye on remote work.

Then the flashback:

I took another day off after the minimal adulting necessary

This happened right after therapy this week. My therapist was actually pretty firm with me about my negative thoughts. I’ll write about it eventually.

The uncomfortable journey of self-discovery and healing

How I feel today…

Life has been hard recently. I feel like I can’t recharge and I have no motivation to accomplish anything outside of absolute necessity.

I have been rethinking how I want to use my website to accomplish my advocacy goals to ensure I don’t wear myself thin (I’m a one-woman show here). I also have to start teaching my child kindergarten, virtually, soon.

My husband and I still have little security in our livelihood as we build our businesses. Donate if you feel so inclined.

The election cycle in the US is stressing me out.
COVID19 is stressing me out.

And then there’s my trauma and all the hardwired responses to fear, powerlessness, and anxiety.

I’m still here, just refueling.


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