This is What Balance Feels Like?

It’s been an interesting few days.

Feeling much more focused, I have a handle on life again – even seem to have found a balance to the things I am juggling.

It literally felt like a switch flipped, the proverbial light bulb lit up and everything feels like it is falling in to place.


Each day we have school lessons and my little one seems to be adjusting to the schedule. Not to say that we don’t have tantrums or big ol’ attitudes flying around the room when she needs to exude some control, but in general we are learning how to do this together.

I am beginning to understand how she learns, and she is beginning to learn how to learn. It is actually quite the experience. We also go to school in a fort – so it’s pretty darn exciting!


Peer Support / Advocacy

I continue to build on my mission of outreach and support. Right now, I find Instagram to be my most interactive platform and (as I have shared) I am coming out of my shell a bit and have started making videos.

I have two upcoming LIVE shows:

Friday 9/18 @ 7pm CST (United States) I will be LIVE with Survivor and mother of two Corie Archer during which she will share her story and talk about her healing journey.

Thursday 9/24 @ 7pm CST (United States) I will be LIVE with author Gail Dickert discussing her book Recovery In Real Time: A Trauma Survivor’s Anti-Workbook.

Super Exciting stuff!! Mark your calendars!

Me Time/Family/Work

In addition to my little one’s schooling and the time I have committed to advocacy – I also have managed the last few days to find time each day to by mindful of myself and my family. Which means I have been more open about my needs and about asking for help when I need it.

I have found a work schedule that works for me (partly due to taking the advice of my therapist and relinquishing some control to my husband as a partner).

I have been taking specific time each day for something I want to do by myself and telling myself that I am going to go do (insert activity) until (insert time). Then I stick to that schedule.

I make sure I spend time outside of school work with my daughter to do something she wants to do. I am also making sure to make some one one one time with my husband.

Countering Negative Self-Talk

I keep thinking in the back of my mind that I am going to burn out again, like always, and that makes me anxious. So I am actively countering it.

Recently I have been telling myself that this is different – I am taking the time for myself and making sure that I am present during that time each day to recharge. I have been selective of how ambitious I am with my to-do list if I feel like my mental of physical flow is off to ensure I am successful at the goals I can achieve.

And I feel like I have been aware of where I am at each day which means I am not floating through in a disconnected haze of exhaustion.

For now – I’ve got this!!


Closing Comments

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