The 5 Stages of Grief: Healing Childhood Abuse & Trauma (Video)

One of the hardest parts of healing my childhood trauma has been learning what the five stages of grief mean for me, what my process is, and how to work through all of the emotions that come with facing my reality and healing from it.

When I first began my journey, a dear friend, fellow survivor, and author Gail Dickert reached out to me and gifted me one of my most prized books for my healing journey.

Her book: Recovery In Real Time: a Trauma Survivors Anti-Workbook.

Purchase on Amazon for $7.99

In her book, cleverly laid out in 125 easily digestible hashtags, she journeys the five stages of grief and offers a childhood trauma survivors a way to communicate and connect with others in this era of social media interaction.

This book recognizes the messy process of managing Complex PTSD and it gives a voice to many things survivors believe they struggle with alone.

A LIVE Book Discussion

With her book as our guide, Gail and I went LIVE on Instagram and we talked about the five stages of grief and what they meant to us based on our own stories of trauma.

Each of us selected one hashtag from each section and discussed them in depth.

Watch our book discussion.

You can follow Gail Dickert’s writing through her website Publishing For A Change.

HUGE Thank you to Gail for joining me to discuss her book.

Closing Comments

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