Parenting After Trauma: Real Talk About Trauma Healing & Life (video)

I was so excited to be joined by Michael again for another LIVE discussion on Instagram. He was so inspiring when we fist talked in his interview as part of the Survivors Speak LIVE series, equally inspiring when we dug deeper into this specific topic.

Anyone who is currently healing from a childhood of trauma and abuse, and who also has children understanding how difficult parenting after trauma can be.

I mean, let’s be honest – parenting is hard as it is. No handbook, just trial and error, and an idea of what you hope to accomplish.

Add to that the symptoms Complex PTSD whether it is being treated or not and you find yourself facing many challenged, emotional triggers, and overwhelming emotions.

Listen along as Michael and I discuss parenting after trauma:


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I think it is so important that we survivors continue to connect and talk about the realities of our trauma on our lives. We need to normalize discussing the struggle of Complex PTSD so that we can develop the trauma informed resources and treatments needed.

Thank you again to Michael for taking the time to have this conversation with me.


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