Journal Prompts: Countering a Negative Cognition

It has become glaringly clear to me as I move through my healing, that I have a tendency towards negative thought patterns rather than positive. Which makes reframing things and countering them a very big part of my journey.

My biggest trigger is feeling not good enough and most times I don’t even realize I feel that way until the symptoms of complex PTSD begin to manifest: racing heart, panic, anxiety, racing thoughts, hyper focus… you know.

Recently I had an experience that triggered this negative cognition, but through mindfulness and intentional counter conversations I was able to recognize my negative thoughts and change them.

Here are some journal prompts I created to help you recognize and counter negative thoughts yourself.


Journal Prompts

These prompts are going to take honesty and commitment. You will need to dig deep and call yourself out a little bit – but the rewards are amazing!

  1. Write about the situation that has triggered you.
  2. Explore the negative feelings you are experiencing, identify them and how they are presenting.
  3. What are the negative things these feelings are making you believe about yourself and the situation?
  4. Try to think of an earlier time in your life that you have felt this same way, as early a memory as you can – write about it.
  5. Now review the situation that triggered you once more, write out the facts of the situation without personalizing it, what happened?
  6. Write yourself a letter countering the negative things you are feeling about yourself by reminding yourself of the facts you reviewed in #5.
  7. Write about how you feel now and be specific about new awareness/reflections of self.

As always, I love to read your writings that are motivated by my prompts. Please tag them back to this post if you so choose. Read through more Journal Prompts HERE.


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