Forgiveness After Trauma


What a loaded word. Especially for those of us who are healing a childhood of trauma and abuse.

This week I went LIVE on Instagram with Nella from Australia to talk in detail about forgiveness after trauma.

Our goal of this discussion was to normalize talking about the complexity of forgiveness and the pressures we feel as we heal to reach this arbitrary destination.

During this discussion we made it clear that we are not telling anyone how to feel, or whether to forgive or not. What we hoped to accomplish was a real discussion about how very personal forgiveness is to each of us as we heal.

I am hear to tell you that forgiveness is not a destination to strive for as you heal. The pressure of getting there can tear you apart as I recently experienced and wrote about.

Allow it to flow into your life and your healing journey naturally, when and if it is meant to.

Listen along as she and I discuss all the conflicting emotions, pressures, and acceptance that comes with this serpentine word.


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