DeShaming: A Podcast for Abuse Survivors

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing with Pamela Clark, a licensed behavior therapist, member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau, and founder of the DeShaming Podcast.

She is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, specifically incest.

Her podcast aims at removing the shame many survivors carry as a result of sexual abuse within the home. Incest adds a whole other level to processing childhood sexual abuse.

Why I Share

It is so important to speak our stories out loud. It is empowering and it allows us to release the weight of our abuse.

I share because it gives my pain purpose. I find comfort in connecting with other survivors, clarity in my conversations about the struggles of healing, and lessons in my mindfulness as we all work through our shit together.

I want to make sure that the comfort, clarity, and mindfulness that I so appreciate, can be shown to and felt by others. We didn’t deserve what happened to us, and we surely don’t deserve to walk this crazy healing journey alone.

I share so that others have someone to walk beside as they heal.

You can listen to my interview by clicking either the link below, or the image.


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