Real-Talk About Trauma Healing: The In between

Thoughts about everyday life with complex PTSD from a girl trying to figure shit out. Let’s get real about trauma healing: a series

A friend of mine on Instagram @thisiscandykiss put up a post that struck deep. The post talked about the hard truths in our reality and how acceptance can be bittersweet.

It touched on the stages of healing as we reach new levels of readiness.

I had so much to say but my words were caught. I told her I was caught in the in between, yet so grateful for her post.

She and another friend @_mindful_michael_ reciprocated experiencing this space in between and pointed out the deep thought that takes place there.

I bet we aren’t the only ones who get caught in the in between. 😊🌻💫

Do you ever get caught in the in between?

Closing Comments

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