Real-Talk About Trauma Healing: Not Good Enough

Thoughts about everyday life with complex PTSD from a girl trying to figure shit out. Let’s get real about trauma healing: a series

A recent interaction pinged my “not good enough” trigger and put me into freeze mode.

It is my biggest negative cognition; I’m not good enough. But why don’t I feel good enough?

I’ll tell you why … because I measure my worth based on the opinions of others. It was how my mind made sense of the abuse I experienced and the fear I felt as a child.

I internalized all of it. It is so deep seated in my thought patterns that it has been my biggest trigger as an adult, and the hardest negative thought to catch and correct.

But countering negative cognitions is absolutely possible once you identify where they are coming.

Every day I correct this thought of self during daily interactions that trigger it – and every time I counter this thought it gets a little bit easier.

One day at a time.

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