Journal Prompts for Processing Grief

The month of November houses the biggest of my trauma anniversaries, and so grief becomes a bit more pronounced during this time.

Unlike years past, the coming anniversaries had little impact on me in the beginning weeks of the month, in fact, I didn’t realize they had arrived until the day off.

The shock of how easily I blocked out this huge catalyst for grief threw me a little off balance and I have been working hard to cope since.

In true fashion, as I process I write – and so it seemed fitting to put together some journaling prompts.

Below are journal prompts to use as you process grief.

Journal Prompts for Processing Grief

  1. What am I grieving right now?
  2. Where in my body do I feel this sadness (be specific about location and sensation)?
  3. What are my thoughts telling me about this grief, and myself.
  4. Are there times of day that this grief amplifies? Write about it.
  5. Write about one good memory related to the situation causing me grief now.
  6. What does my support system look like?
  7. How am I coping with my grief?

I am sorry that you are hurting, that seems the most logical reason you are reading this. I hope that you find some solace as you process and that these prompts help you along.

As always, if you write a piece off of these prompts please tag it back, I love to read your writing. You can browse other Journal Prompts HERE.


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