The Days When Everything Hits at Once

Real-Talk About Trauma

Thoughts about everyday life with complex PTSD from a girl trying to figure shit out. Let’s get real about trauma healing: a series

Sometimes it just happens. I hear a song, see a site, smell something, or maybe I am just lost in thought – and everything hits me, all at once. I become acutely aware of all the losses, the betrayals, and the disappointments of my childhood.

Then, just as quickly, I feel the weight of grief, that bottomless pit of longing for things I will never come close to touching. The overwhelming sadness that threatens to take me under.

The worst part of this is that it can happen in the midst of the most wonderful day.

These moments can shake my confidence in my healing journey and the progress I am making; how quickly they can knock my feet out from under me. However, in these moments I also catch glimpses of my fortitude every time I get back up. I also know that every time I push through, I get a little bit better at it.

These moments of sadness will never go away, how much control they have over my life is up to me. 💪✨

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