The Lessons Time Teaches About Grief

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I always hear the familiar adage that time heals all wounds. Well, I call total bullshit!

Some of the wounds that mark my soul will not heal. They will always be tender to the touch, there will always be scars.

Time will not diminish my grief; time is teaching me that grief is sadly part of life. Time is teaching me to be kind to myself; to be patient and soft with myself as I tend to my wounds. Time is teaching me how to live with sadness and happiness in the same space. 🥺💕

The grief that comes with complex PTSD due to childhood abuse is complicated and confusing, it is heavy, and at times it is overwhelming. I get it, I have been working through my own grief for years. Some days I carry it well, other days grief demands all of the space I have. And that is okay – that is how my process flows. That is how I am healing.

Don’t fight your grief. Allow it to flow through you; sit in your sadness and all of the discomfort, feel it. That is where you will feel pieces of you heal in real time. ✨🌻

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