Color Will Come Back, Eventually

Thoughts Over Coffee

Coffee is therapy. Read along as I relate and offer affirmation to the struggles of living with Complex PTSD over my morning coffee.

I’m fighting my way through a functioning survival mode and my emotions have seemingly numbed. My thoughts are scattered and I can’t focus for long at all.

Lists are saving my life right now.

I am getting done what needs to be done, but there is no joy or feelings of importance in the tasks that I accomplish. I hate it when life dulls out like this. I wish there were an ‘easy button’ or a ‘reconnect now’ button I could press.

I don’t think the holidays matter much for me, but I know for many this is a tough time of year.

My experience tells me that this too will pass, that will patience and self-compassion I will triumph over the bullshit in my head and come out the other side into the life I am meant to live. Ugh, always patience with this mental injury.

Until then, I’ll be here with my unwashed hair in a messy bun, the same pjs I’ve been in all week, and a full cup of coffee – loving myself as I am.

I hope you find the strength within yourself to do the same thing. Love yourself! You deserve it!

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