Survivors Speak LIVE – Lisa’s Story

LIVE on Instagram weekly, watch the stories of Childhood Trauma Survivors in their own words as they share their pain, their resilience, and their hope.

For episode #9 of Survivors Speak LIVE on Instagram I was joined by Lisa; a mother, a wife, and a survivors of satanic ritual abuse. Over the course of our hour she shares a terrifying story of torture, neglect, sexual abuse, and rape.

So many of us carry stories of unimaginable abuses, the weight of that can be unbearable. Watch Lisa’s story, hear her truth, and as a fellow survivor or simply as an advocate bear witness and help her release this grief.

Browse other Survivor Stories or be a part of the Survivors Speak Series which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Survivors of childhood trauma by providing a platform to share your story. If you would like to participate you can submit your information HERE.

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