Recognizing the Space I Deserve

Coffee is therapy. Read along as I relate and offer affirmation to the struggles of living with Complex PTSD over my morning coffee.

Last weekend was very cerebral for me. Between deep conversations with my husband about how my healing is affecting our marriage and the inner child work I have become aware that I need to do …

It made me realize how much space I need for my healing, and how I always feel the need to explain it, justify it, sometimes even deny it. But I don’t need to justify my healing. Nor do I need to feel ashamed for needing the space to heal myself.

My husband and I talked at length about this yesterday because some of the space I need causes him his own emotions and responses to deal with. It is hard not to internalize his issues, it’s in my nature to fix everything and put others first.

However, I realize more than ever now how much this space for healing is sacred, and deserving. I’ve never taken up this much space in all of my life. Until now, I have never faced the fear that people may not be able to handle the space I need and could walk away

I know that the space I am healing it, as I make myself whole, will be powerful for others when I invite them in to share this new life with me. I am thankful my husband understands this despite our struggles. I will not jeopardize my healing space with the weight of other people’s needs and comforts. The people who matter most are going to move accordingly to support me so that my healing is undisturbed.

I know it is hard to take up space, it is hard to put yourself first – but I am here to remind you through my experiences that you DESERVE all the space you need to heal and to exist.

Get out there and take up some space!!

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  1. I so understand this. I stayed alone for 13 years so I could have my space. I dated plenty but never lived with anybody. That time helped change my life. It’s a struggle now that I’m married but having a partner brings many positives as well. Remember that it ALWAYS doesn’t take this much work. All love to you!

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