On the Eve of 2021 – Remember These Truths

This year has brought much loss for me to grieve and process, which has been tempered with amazing personal and professional growth, and some serious leveling up on the healing in my life.

I told myself in May when my life took an unexpected turn that I would give my trauma advocacy work one year of solid commitment. What has come of this jump into the unknown is not like anything I could have imagined in that moment I made that promise to myself.

On the Eve of 2021, my mind is overwhelmed with the many things I have accomplished and the many things I have grieved. I stepped into myself fully this year and I have many rewards to show for it.

I am excited to announce, in the coming weeks, many new and amazing projects coming in 2021 as I close out the second half of my year long commitment, and with excitement for what will come after. However, for now, I only want to leave you with reminders as we move into the new year.

Reminders that we, as survivors, will recite over and over to ourselves every day as we choose to heal and live fully in spite of our childhoods. Reminders that you are a warrior, that you deserve to heal, and that you are not alone.

  1. It is okay to put yourself first
  2. You deserve the space to heal
  3. You Matter. Your wants, your needs, and your feelings – they all matter
  4. It is okay to set boundaries and to say no
  5. Taking time to rest is not selfish
  6. Not every day will be a good day, it is okay to grieve your childhood
  7. You are not alone

Happy New Year Friends.
Wishing you good health and healing today and always.



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