Trauma Heals in Safe Relationships

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I want to share something special.

I realized in recently, as I spoke it out loud to my therapist, that until this year she has been the only person who has seen my most authentic and affected self when it comes to my trauma responses and my healing. My husband, my children, my friends, even my online audience has gotten a version of me that is filtered.

This year though, I started to show up for myself. In turn I began to realize how I can help others and show up for them. Then I started meeting everyone and people started showing up for me. A couple months ago, the universe guided me right into the path of another survivor who has quickly become a dear friend that I enjoy hanging out with (online ) as much as I can.

Through a mutual mission to raise trauma awareness (me as the raw survivor, her as a mentor for survivors struggling in marriage/partnership) she and I are healing, sharing, and connecting. She and I are creating a friendship filled with magical moments.

For the first time I have found a friend that I can show up to (on a trauma level) with authenticity and vulnerability because of the understanding she and I have about the need for a safe space in trauma healing. We both know that occasionally we need each other to show up a little extra sometimes, and we appreciate how important it is to have people who understand this in our lives.

Thank you Tanner (@thisiscandykiss) , for showing me what a safe friendship feels like.



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