The Relationship With Self

Thoughts about everyday life with complex PTSD from a girl trying to figure shit out. Let’s get real about trauma healing: a series

I recently watched a video put up by a survivor that I follow and in it she spoke about her 15 year journey of healing and how for many of the years she wasn’t aware she was even on the journey. I so relate to that.

She talked about the ever evolving relationship she has with herself and how it is getting better as the years pass and she puts in the work. I resonate with that too!

Ultimately, what I took from what she shared is that my healing journey is about my relationship with myself based on how my trauma affected me. When I heal my relationship with myself, everything else will fall into place little by little.

The same goes for you if you are reading this. Work on healing how you interact with yourself, heal that first. You deserve your own love and you will be amazed at how healing it will be.



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